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Who We Are?

What We Do

If we can't save you money,
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Who We Are:


We are an independent closely held firm in business since 1959.

Originally established as a distributor, we expanded into manufacturing over 20 years ago in order to better serve and expand our customer base. Although we currently import and distribute about 50% of our total product mix manufacturing gives us an edge over most Bolt and Nut Suppliers.




What We Do


Today, as a master manufacturer distributor we stock in excess of 50,000 sizes and styles of standard and special "off the shelf items". Over 10,000,000 pounds of finished inventory is maintained in ferrous and nonferrous material, in a plain or plated condition. Our warehouse and manufacturing space exceeds 150,000 square feet.


Manufacturing of nonstandard and special items by cold and hot heading plays an important part in helping us serve you. Our range on this equipment starts with wire .125 diameter up 11/2" diameter lengths to 80" and longer if needed.


In addition, our screw machine capacity goes to diameters of 33/4" round stock, 3l/2 hex bar stock for short run specials or those items which do not lend themselves to heading because of configuration or small quantity. We have 20 Davenport Screw Machines (7/8" Capacity) for Hi-Volume runs and solicit your inquiries on "Milled From Bar" products.


Full support equipment in roll threading, cut threading, grooving, knurling, drilling, bending, pointing, tapping and coining is maintained. We are often called upon to take a standard item from stock and turn it into a blue print special with minimum lead time, and minimum set up, or costs. Currently, the volume competition is unwilling or unable to handle much of this type of work due to their minimum runs and we are able to handle these requirements in a cost effective way.


Our firm maintains a quality assurance program which covers our purchased products as well as those items which we make or process. This quality assur- ance program is approved by the major automotive manufacturers, and we are periodically audited and receive good to excellent ratings.